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In this section you can find the answers to the more common questions.

We found your apartment in different sites and appears with different prices. Why?

Our price is the same in all websites. The difference is the fee charged by each portal. It is the only way that we consider to be ethical. Guests can book through the website to find it cheaper. The savings will be for them, as we treat all our guests with the same care.

Which is the international phone code of Spain?

+34 or 0034.

How will we get the keys?

In the confirmation mail you receive from the agency's website you made the reservation, you have the host's mobile phone number. When you arrive near the apartment, please ring this phone to tell us that you are there, and we will come to give you the keys and show the apartment personally. If you didn't have any mobile phone in this mail, please forward us a copy of the confirmation mail, and we will check with the agency the reason why it didn't appear.

We also take bikes with us. Is it possible to store them in the apartment?

Yes! There is no problem.


We have a pet. Is it possible to have him with us in the apartment?

Yes! If is small enough to fit through the door :-), didn't destroy the house and also not disturb the neighbors...


Our arrival time is before 4:00 PM. Is it possible to check-in before this time?

Normally, we need this time (between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM) for cleaning and do any repairs needed in the apartment. However, if previous guests have left the apartment enough time before and we had the time to clean it, for us is no problem. If this is not possible, we offer you a free safe place to store all your luggage while you can enjoy a walk around the city.


Our leave time will be after 11:00 AM. Is it possible to check-out after this time?

As in the case of check-in. If there is enough time until the arrival of these guests, no problem. If not possible, we will offer you freely the same safe place to store all your luggage until your departure.


We will come by car. Is there a place nearby to park for free?

Yes! We have a parking service.


Is Barcelona a safe place?

Well... Like all other big and touristic city, Barcelona can be safe if you are careful with your belongings.


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